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IEEE 802.11ac (March 2016)

Nabil Nourri made some preliminary tests for the IEEE 802.11ac NIC to evaluate the efficiency of channel bonding. The AR9220 radio chipset supports this standard, with a throughput of 300Mbps [1]

OpenWRT (Sept. 2015)

Thanks to Nabil Nourri, exprima now also supports https://openwrt.org/, opensource distribution for Access Points and Wireless Routers.

OMF (Sept. 26, 2012)

A node can now pull and push its image from the omf server (frisbee multicast solution).

omf save
omf load

The statistics must now be collected correctly by the OML server.

Exprima is now migrating to the OMF / NITOS (July 2012)

We are migrating the testbed to use the solutions NITOS and OMF. We aim at offering a public research facility for experiments in wireless mesh networks.

Exprima is now deployed (June 2011)

The testbed is now ready for experiments.

Our order arrived! (jan. 2011)

Our provider finally delivered the server and 10 of our mesh nodes.

We will be able to start to set up the testbed!

EXPRIMA Project (nov 2010)

EXPRIMA (EXPeriments for wIreless Mesh Access networks) was accepted by the University of Strasbourg.

The grant permits to set-up a small testbed of 20 multiradio wireless mesh routers.We have the following constraints:

  1. small form factors nodes;
  2. a node must support several (at least 3) NIC;
  3. hardware must be compliant with Linux;
  4. Power Over Ethernet would be definitively interesting;
  5. Cross-compilation is accepted

We will ask soon our providers for such hardware…